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Block Collider

Block Collider

Cryptocurrencies are "walled gardens" which cannot reuse, trigger, or execute transactions with other blockchains. If Alice wants to execute Bob’s smart contract, she can only send cryptocurrency from the blockchain on which Bob deployed the smart contract. This lack of cooperation stifles innovation and forces users to place unwarranted trust in validators or centralized exchanges. Merging blockchains together into Block Collider is like building roads between buildings. Hypothetically, one could build a building that has everything, but in practice some buildings are built to work in, some are built to live in — as long as citizens want to be in multiple buildings at different points in time, roads are valuable and necessary.

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Q2 2018
Code Walkthrough Session<br /> <br /> Block Collider Multichain Browser<br /> <br /> Foundation mining operations<br /> <br /> Full Comments on Block Collider codebase<br /> <br /> Public Roadmap<br /> <br /> Strategic hires<br /> <br /> Add rovers and fingerprints for respective blockchains<br /> <br /> Liquidity Event #<br /> <br /> Fixed Miner Softnet launch<br /> <br /> Create Miner Softnet launch<br /> <br /> Deploy Browser/CPU/GPU Versions of BC Miner<br /> <br /> Unit Tests: 90% Coverage<br /> <br /> Genesis Block Distribution after ICO<br /> <br /> Mining MainNet Launch<br /> <br /> Web Wallet and Investor Portal
Q3 2018
Developer IDE<br /> <br /> Enterprise mining partnerships<br /> <br /> Open NYC, USA Office<br /> <br /> Independently Audit Compiler, Consensus Mechanism, and Scalability Solutions<br /> <br /> Private investors summit<br /> <br /> Gartner Study on interoperability<br /> <br /> Open Brno, CZ Office<br /> <br /> Multi-Asset Decentralized Exchange (MADEX) Boilerplate GUI<br /> <br /> Ledger Wallet integration<br /> <br /> BC (EMB) asset on CoinMarketCap<br /> <br /> NRG assets CoinMarketCap<br /> <br /> Market Making & OTC tab added to portal.<br /> <br /> YubiKey integration
Q4 2018
Announce BlackOps Conference<br /> <br /> Scheduled Liquidity Event #1<br /> <br /> Traditional FX Market Data added to MADEX<br /> <br /> Add New Blockchains Wave 1<br /> <br /> Demo API (Financial Services)<br /> <br /> After Hours Mining Protocol added to portal.<br /> <br /> Block Collider Merchandise.<br /> <br /> Build a true and functioning version of orchid protocol<br /> <br /> ERC721X Conference<br /> <br /> Binance Coin (BNB) Integration<br /> <br /> Localized internship program in Czech Republic.<br /> <br /> Build On Platform Agnostic DEX (Raspberry Pi)<br /> <br /> MADEX turret data feed provided to CND, Gemini, CMOE<br /> <br /> Open Collider Capital office in Singapore<br /> <br /> Deploy Sixth Hidden Chain<br /> <br /> Scheduled Liquidity Event #2<br /> <br /> Capital management licenses in the UK, EU, and USA.<br /> <br /> Stable instrument builder tab added to protocol.<br /> <br /> Add/remove blockchains through distributed governance. <br /> <br /> Release Mining-Specific Android Build
Q1 2019
Announce University Partnership Program<br /> <br /> Financial Services Data product<br /> <br /> MADEX 3rd-Party vendor liquidity channel<br /> <br /> Add New Blockchains Wave 2<br /> <br /> Sponsor Global Meetups for “Togetherness Initiative”<br /> <br /> Muskian "Neuralink" Wallet ID<br /> <br /> Pilot program 3031121 for secondary market assets<br /> <br /> Add New Blockchains Wave 3<br /> <br /> MADEX Bloomberg Terminal<br /> <br /> MADEX Auditing<br /> <br /> Implement Blockchain Defragmenting Tool<br /> <br /> Token to Coin transfer added to 3rd party DEXs<br /> <br /> Codename “Spectrum” Prototype<br /> <br /> DNSNET and Level 3 Communication added to portal<br /> <br /> Launch Ecosystem Penetration Testing Suite<br /> <br /> Emblem ticker (EMB) is added to 3rd party vendors.<br /> <br /> Scalability Upgrade I: 50-107 Blockchains<br /> <br /> Launch SuperCollider
Arjun Raj Jain
Participates in a number of projects
Patrick McConlogue
Co-Founder, Core Developer
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Craig Weisman
Participates in a number of projects
Tomas Korcak
Participates in a number of projects
Patrick Schilz
Board Member
Participates in a number of projects
Adam Kloboucnik
Core Developer
Participates in a number of projects
Ian Simpson
Marketing & Communications
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