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Helper World

Helper World

Leveraging Blockchain Technology to build a secured, transparent, and all-time operational system for our application to convene people who mutualize the Christian beliefs on our exclusive platform Donating not only benefits the accepter, but it can also be rewarding for you too. Keeping this in mind and we have created an ecosystem that takes you one step closer to God by donating and offering prayers for those in need. First all-in-one online platform for people of Christian beliefs Buy anything from spiritual books to decorative home accessories, from your all-time favorite books to religious clothes. We have got everything in our e-store. Empowered with the most promising technology of the decade Using smart contracts functionality, we have made it simpler to track your funds in real-time, eliminating the possibility of fraud simplifying the whole process. WHY US? Together We Can Bring The Change One small deed can’t change the whole world, but it is enough to initiate the significant change. We aim to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds to take their first step towards a noble cause. Discover our power and potential to change the world, segregated below in the five major points Features We Are Providing: A crypto donation ecosystem- connect to donors for help and get funds instantly in the form of the platform’s digital currency, Helper coin. Swap it on any exchange in return for fiat. Transparent and secure ecosystem- track your donation in real-time by leveraging the power of today’s cutting-edge technology, blockchain. Quick and efficient transactions- overcome the barriers of making cross-border transactions and get help quickly using Helper coin. It’s not just an ordinary donation app- make the most out of our app by finding matches in your community, and see the most-loved religious stuff right from the comfort of your home. Have a church experience virtually!- join/Connect Christians around the globe in worlds prayer and experience the church online. Global Platform- we are not restricted to any country or continent. Reach out to people across the globe in your community.

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Dates: TBA
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Token info
Ticker: HLPR
Platform: Binance Chain
15th January 2022
Call For Blessing Development<br /> <br /> Today, we have initiated the most beautiful journey of our native app, callforblessing.<br />
15th September 2022
Mirror Development<br /> <br /> Beginning of Development for Mirror (Blockchain Video Player)<br /> <br />
15th October 2022
<br /> DEX With P2P Development<br /> <br /> Beginning of Development for DEX with P2P trading.<br />
1st Nov to 25th December 2022
Private Sale<br /> <br /> We will start the private sale for core team on 1st
26th to 31st December 2022
Pre Sale Phase I<br /> <br /> We will sell 100K tokens in this period. It will be available on #helpercoin website.
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