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Shareslake is focused on transforming the current stock markets, getting more funds for companies, and making investment free for investors. All that with total transaction transparency, where everyone can connect to the market and have the exact same view of the market as the rest. Shareslake provides its own coin (RED – Redeemable) which is designed to be exchangeable by real securities, goods, and services that exist beyond the blockchain, breaking the barriers with the real world. That gives a real value to the RED coin since it can be exchanged by something that potentially produces more value (actual securities), so it IS NOT another speculative cryptocurrency. To get that, the Shareslake Network protocol is constantly providing funds to those companies that provide RED with investment capabilities and usability. In other words, the companies that fit the following conditions: 1. Investment capacity: Their shares are issued directly into the Shareslake Network, providing their owners full investor rights. Those shares are bought using RED, so RED can be exchanged for something that potentially produces more value. 2. Usability: They accept RED as payment for their products or services. Providing RED with a more common utility apart from buying securities. On the other hand, investors can buy stocks for free (zero fees). So the Shareslake network makes investing accessible to everyone, no matter the capital level. This is possible because there are not any intermediaries, investors are directly connected to the market. A new financial ecosystem is created around the Shareslake network. This is possible thanks to the fact that the shares are issued directly on the network, which opens an infinite range of possibilities either for public or private companies.

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Dates: TBA
Token info
Ticker: RED
Platform: Cardano
2021 Q2
<br /> Concept<br /> First ideas about how to re design the current markets<br /> First consistent approaches reached<br /> <br /> Research<br /> White paper starts<br /> Figuring out how to benefit all the parts<br /> Figuring out how to provide the coin with more value than just buy stocks<br />
2021 Q3-Q4
Technical diving<br /> Research about implementation<br /> Finding technical solutions for each part of the problem<br />
2021 Q4
Prepare the public launch<br /> Find a name<br /> Design branding<br /> Create website and social media<br />
2022 Q1
Pre-sale<br /> Start creating a community<br /> Network creation starts<br /> Release the first batch of RED<br /> Legal stuff<br /> Partner with first companies to issue shares<br />
2022 Q2
Release testnet<br /> Release testnet<br /> Continue working on mainnet<br /> Start ecosystem development<br /> Start exchange development<br /> Continue looking for first companies issuing shares<br />
2022 Q3
Release mainnet<br /> Release mainnet<br /> Release second batch of RED<br /> Finishing ecosystem tools<br /> <br /> Start issuing shares<br /> Start issuing shares with partnered companies<br /> Release third RED batch<br /> Prepare network for the first companies to go public<br /> Release exchange<br />
2022 Q4
First public companies<br /> Performing the first IPOs in the network<br /> Network performance improvements<br /> Increase ecosystem development focus<br /> Start Exchange V2 development<br />
To be continued...
We will update the roadmap while the project progress<br /> Examples of future works: supporting high frequency trading
Miguel Ángel Cabrera Miñagorri
Founder and Engineer
Participates in a number of projects
Sebastiá Guisasola Benítez
Participates in a number of projects

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