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Taima is the FIRST TOKEN LINKING ON A REAL VALUE CREATION Taima is a token that is intended to be used as a payment token. It is based on the Solana blockchain. It will allow the group's customer to acquire the stock and production of Origami Pharma's factories. The demand for Taima will increase in proportion to Origami's production capacity which will increase the price of Taima. Essentially, Taima will be sold at the price of supply and demand. The creation of each factory will allow for a new annual demand for Taima by cannabis distribution companies who will want to buy from Origami. The Taima will therefore be a payment token that will be directly linked to the cannabis produced by Origami. The principle of the Taima is the principle of supply and demand created. Linking the value creation generated by the recurrent production of medical or recreational cannabis plants to the Taima will allow it to expand. With the market facing supply shortages, demand is constantly expanding. The demand for medical and recreational cannabis is so much higher than the actual production capacity of the market. It is expected that every ton of production will be sold. For a production capacity of 250 million euro per year of flower it will take 250'000'000 of counter value in Taima to acquire it. Distributors will therefore have to acquire the equivalent in Taima. The million Taima in circulation will represent the value of the demand which will be 250 million in total for this year of production. The Origami Group is planning an expansion schedule of its production capacity that will allow it to produce more and more tons per year and therefore the demand for Taima will grow steadily. As Ashita does not plan to issue more Taima in the coming years, this will directly impact the number of Taima in circulation. In the case of softcap the initial production capacity would be 50 tonnes per year. In the case of hardcap Origami will start with an initial capacity of 500 tonnes per year. The demand for Taima for 50 tonnes will be equivalent to 250 million euros and the demand for 500 tonnes will be 2.5 billion euros. The Taima price will take on the value corresponding to the demand created by Origami Pharma. Creating a counter value to the Taima through the production of cannabis will allow for a recurring demand that will guarantee a form of stability. Each increase in production will act as a lever on the price. The financial flows from these transactions will take place in Taima. The principle of the Taima is the principle of supply and demand created. Linking the value creation generated by the recurrent production of medical or recreational cannabis plants to the Taima will allow it to expand. With the market facing supply shortages, demand is constantly expanding. The benefits for the Taima tokenholders lie in the acquisition of a crypto designed to allow them to invest indirectly or directly in the cannabis industry. A payment token designed to increase in value concomitantly with the price of medical and recreational cannabis and the expansion of Origami Pharma SA to increase the value of the token in case of price inflation and resale possibility on specialized markets interact with the medical cannabis industry and participate directly or indirectly in the adventure to take advantage of future opportunities that will be developed by Ashita during the Taima venture

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Dates: TBA
Token info
Ticker: TMA
Platform: Binance Chain
ICO Price: 1 TMA = 200 CHF
Soft cap: 40 000 000 USD
Hard cap: 120 000 000 USD
01.01.2022 – Whitepaper<br /> 01.02.2022 – Institutional and Investors private sale<br /> 01.03.2022 – Pre-ICO<br /> 01.04.2022 – ICO<br /> 01.05.2022 – Entities creation<br /> 01.07.2022 – Get listed in exchanges<br />
01.07.2023 – Start Swissmedic validation<br /> 01.10.2023 – GMP validation<br />
01.02.2024 – License validation<br /> 01.04.2024 – Production launch 50 tons per year
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